As more and more Dementia Friends set off into their communities we begin to see a real impact as a result of the amazing actions that are carried forward. Dementia Friend Helen explains to us how she was able to offer a helping hand to a lady in her community: 

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"My mother has vascular dementia and I suddenly became aware of what a cruel thing this is. I signed up as a Dementia Friend and received my Dementia Friends badge, which I wear every day. The other day I was in my local post office and a lady was standing looking a little uncertain. I smiled at her and she must have seen my badge. She asked me if I knew about dementia and I explained that my mother had vascular dementia. The lady told me that she had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's and was receiving tablets that helped, however that day she had simply forgotten what she had to do. As we were by the self serve machines I told her to place her envelope on the machine and I went through the steps with her letting her do it and just giving a little guidance. She completed the last steps herself suddenly gaining her confidence. She gave me a hug as we were leaving the post office."

Dementia Friend Helen has shown us how a little patience and support can go a long way. If you are a Dementia Friend and would like to share your story please contact