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Learn more about what it is like to live with dementia and turn that understanding into action. It’s really easy to do:

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Dementia Friends Champions are trained volunteers who encourage others to learn a little bit about dementia. Champions run Information Sessions in their community and inspire others to help those living with dementia live well.

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If you register your organisation with Dementia Friends, you will get access to resources and information aimed at helping members of your organisation understand dementia and how it may affect a person.

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About Dementia Friends

Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends programme is the biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia. It aims to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about the condition.

Whether you attend a face-to-face Information Session or watch the online video, Dementia Friends is about learning more about dementia and the small ways you can help. From telling friends about the Dementia Friends programme to visiting someone you know living with dementia, every action counts.

About the initiative

Latest actions

Support my organisation to become a Dementia Friendly Business by working actively with Dementia Friendly Newtown, Powys by tony blunden

once i have received my badge i will wear it to promote dementia awareness and i will also share dementia friendly posts on my social media accounts and blog by zosia webb

Become a dementia champion and volunteer for a charity championing change. by Laura Mack

Encourage work colleges by Naomi adams

I have carried out a number of Dementia Friends Sessions. The general public, retailers, libraries, older peoples' forums and the council. The most difficult aspect is getting to the person who can make a decision to hold a session. But once they are booked, the response is positive. by Robert Wallace

I will become a Dementia Champion and help fundraise for Alzheimer's Society by Trishna Naik

I'm going to spread the cause of becoming a Dementia Friend around my sixth form and secondary school to promote awareness of Alzheimer's disease and encourage others to challenge the stigma surrounding people with it. by Ashley Tolin

My grandmother moved into a care home this year and she has dementia. It has been so hard, and still is, difficult to understand the disease and how manage our relationship. I really want to share my experiences, campaign for more understanding and influence care provision. by Adele Hunt

in addition, to spread awareness throughout businesses I work with to help increase the number of dementia friends throughout the uk. by Robert French

My mum has been diagnosed with dementia and im going to encourage my siblings to become dementia friends by jo thompson

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