Dementia Friendly Communities

Alzheimer's Society's Dementia Friendly Communities programme focuses on improving inclusion and quality of life for people with dementia in a number of ways. One of these ways is through the Dementia Friendly Communities recognition process, which encourages communities to sign up and work towards becoming dementia-friendly.

What is the Dementia Friendly Communities Recognition Process?
The recognition process enables communities to be publicly recognised for their work towards becoming dementia-friendly. The process asks communities to commit to delivering  change and is structured around 2 key documents:

  1. The BSI Code of Practise for dementia friendly communities and;
  2. The foundation criteria for dementia-friendly communities


The BSI Code of Practice for Dementia Friendly Communities (available to download here):  The PAS1365 document is a code of practice which provides more detailed guidance and structure for communities around what 'dementia-friendly' looks like and what the key areas for action are in working to achieve a dementia-friendly community, including:

  • arts, culture, leisure, and recreation
  • businesses and shops;
  • children, young people and students;
  • community, voluntary, faith groups and organizations;
  • emergency services;
  • health and social care;
  • housing; and
  • transport
The Foundation Criteria:  The seven foundation criteria help a community to understand the way that their Dementia Friendly Community should be structured and outlines the need for establishing a group, identifying a leader and involving people affected by dementia.

How do I get started?
We normally recommend that communities have been undertaking dementia-friendly work for at least 3-6 months before applying for recognition.

In order to apply for recognition as ‘working towards becoming dementia friendly’, you should be able to:
  • Meet the Foundation Criteria
  • Tell us what actions your community had taken to date
  • Tell us what plans or targets you have for the future, and how you plan to meet them
  • Tell us how you have involved people affected by dementia in your work


Is Recognition right for me?
To make sure that you are in the right place, here is a breakdown of the other routes that you can take:

If you are an individual and interested in improving your awareness of dementia, you should contact the Dementia Friends team first. You should also contact the Dementia Friends team if you are a registered Dementia Friend looking to train as a Dementia Friends Champion and deliver Information Sessions to others.

If you are a business or organisation looking to start dementia-friendly work, perhaps you should look at your local Dementia Action Alliance first:

If your community isn’t quite ready to apply yet, or if you would like some more information or guidance about becoming a Dementia Friendly Community before completing the application form, please contact us at 

If you are a community or organisation who has worked towards meeting the 7 Foundation Criteria, and feel that you are ready to apply for recognition, then continue to the application form

To read about other work in the Dementia Friendly Communities programme, including the Prime Minister's Champion Group and the Dementia Friendly Awards please visit the Alzheimer's Society website.

Apply for the Recognition Process