Hidden behind a disease

I was once vibrant and full of life but all that has now changed

I’ve become more forgetful and no longer remember peoples names

I used to be able to focus on things but now I can’t hold my attention for long

I get confused easily and often get the dates and days wrong

I often go wandering, to places I used to know

But now I no longer recognise them, I don’t know where I go

Ask me about my younger days, it’s a time I can still remember well

I love to reminisce and many a story I can tell

Now you just see me sitting in my chair, but you don’t see the person I used to be,

All you see is this disease, that’s slowly taking over me

But although I have changed, underneath I’m still the same

Even if sometimes, I can’t recall your name

I’m still the person, who loved playing with their grandchildren in the park

I’m still the person, who enjoyed playing games and having a lark

I’m still the person who loved to gossip, for England I could talk

I’m still the person who enjoyed playing sports and going for runs and walks

I’m still the person who loved going out and learning how to dance

I’m still the person who loved going on holidays, whenever I got the chance

If only I could go back to that time, if only time could freeze,

That person still exists, they’re just hidden behind this disease

When you come to visit and sit and hold my hand

Please take a moment, to try to understand

For as you sit there, please don’t give up on me

You may just have to dig deeper, to find the person I used to be

And whilst now I forget who you are and don’t remember your name

Although I may no longer be able to show or tell you, just know that my love for you remains

By Becky Bishop