Thank you to Dementia Friend Naomi for sharing this beautiful poem written for her mother who has vascular dementia. Naomi said: “I hope it will help those reading it as much as it helped me writing it.”

I'm still

By Naomi Garner

I know I may be different now,

And it may be painful to see,

But there's no need to shy away,

I'm still me.

I'm still a loving wife,

Though I'm unable to express,

The love I have for my husband,

Who loves me nonetheless.

I'm still a caring mother,

Even now the roles are reversed,

My children will always be loved,

Even as I get steadily worse.

I'm still aware of who you are,

And what you mean to me,

I just need you to travel this journey,

Until one day, I am free.

You see, I'm still inside there somewhere,

You must have the patience to reach,

And hold on to the remaining fragments,

Until one day, I am at peace.

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