How else can I help?

As the Dementia Friends Champion role has been disestablished and you have chosen not to transition to our new Dementia Friends Ambassador role we have updated your account so that you won’t be able to access your Champions dashboard.


If you have any questions regarding this please email us at or you can call us on 0300 222 5855.


A Dementia Friends Ambassador is a new role we launched in 2022. Formerly known as a Dementia Friends Champion, an Ambassador will have the opportunity to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s Society and inspire even more people.


Thank you for everything you've done as a Dementia Friends Champion. Each and every Dementia Friend you created has made a genuine difference for people affected by dementia and we simply couldn’t have reached as many people without your support. 


There are also many other ways to support people affected by dementia, whether in your community, through volunteering, by lending your voice to campaigns or taking part in fundraising and we know you’ll continue to support in whatever way you can. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more or you can find information on Alzheimer's Society's website.

Dementia Friends is being run by Alzheimer's Society. Alzheimer's Society is working with lots of volunteers and other organisations to achieve this goal.

At the moment we can only run Dementia Friends Ambassador inductions in England and Wales. So if you live elsewhere, you can follow us on social media, sign up to the e-newsletter and check the Alzheimer's Society website for volunteering opportunities in your area (see links below).

For people living in England and Wales, we understand that not everyone will want to, or have the time to, become a Dementia Friends Ambassador. You can still be part of the Dementia Friends initiative by becoming a Dementia Friend.

You could also encourage your colleagues to become Dementia Friends, particularly if your work brings you into contact with people living with dementia. 

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