Important Information for Pharmacies

Process to register your pharmacy

One person only from each pharmacy should do the below:

  • Please click here and follow the steps: You will receive an email to verify your new account, please follow the steps to complete the registration process. (If you are already a Dementia Friend, it will advise you are already registered. Please sign in using your previous log in details and you can then ‘Register your organisation’ on the tab to the left hand side of the page)
  • Log in to see your online Dementia Friends dashboard using your Dementia Friends login details. You will clearly see your organisation listed on your dashboard as ‘Pending Approval’.
  • After registering you will receive a unique code for your organisation along with a link, so you can watch our videos for organisations and become Dementia Friends. This is not automated so please allow a few days before contacting us.
  • Share the code and link (not your log in details) with your colleagues so they too can become Dementia Friends
  • If you have any queries regarding the above please refer to our helpful FAQs below
Process to watching videos using your unique code to create Dementia Friends (Dementia Friends are counted automatically – no names taken)
  • To watch Dementia Friends videos - Click here
  • Follow instructions on the pop up box
  • Start watching (Introductory video and at least one other of the four available)
  • Thanks for creating Dementia Friends!
  • To order badges and action cards- please see instructions in FAQs below.


Q: What is Dementia Friends?
A: Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends programme is the biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia. It aims to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about the condition. Pharmacies can be a very important place that people living with dementia need to access. We want everyone living with dementia to feel confident and empowered to do things that they have always been able to do, such as collecting a prescription. Pharmacy colleagues can learn a little more about dementia and the small ways you can help those living with the condition which may make all the difference to that person’s day.

Q: What is the route for pharmacies to get involved?
A: The route for pharmacies to become Dementia Friends, as part of pharmacy reform, is to complete the online videos for organisations.
This route is very quick and easy and it enables you to see on your Organisation Dashboard how many people have watched the videos and become Friends in your pharmacy, giving you proof so that quality payments can be obtained.

Q: What exactly do I have to do to get my pharmacy involved?
A: One person from each branch should register the pharmacy, following instructions above

Q: I'm trying to register but I am getting an error message
A: If your organisation name could potentially be used by someone else - this is the likeliest reason an error has occurred. To stop this- please register using a locality detail or a postcode in the name- (e.g. Asda Pharmacy Bolton or Superdrug Pharmacy SE5)

Q: What will that person receive once they register?
A: They will have access to an Organisation Dashboard (screenshot below) where all the new Dementia Friends numbers will be stored. They will also receive an email with a code, a link and instructions which they can circulate to colleagues, to begin watching.

Q: I’ve registered successfully but why have I not received my code and details immediately?
A: The process isn't automated and could take up to five working days to receive the email so please bear with us. Do contact us again if it exceeds this time period

Q: What's on the videos, how long do they take and is it easy to do?
A: It is very easy to do. Instructions are provided above. There are 5 videos available in total.  Please watch the 'Introductory' video (6 and a half mins) and at least one other most relevant to your requirements (we recommend either 'paying for things' or 'filling out forms' (both around 4 mins long, but choose the others instead if you wish)

Q: How are the numbers counted?
A: The amount of people watching at the time should be entered along with a postcode and the unique code. These numbers are then counted automatically and added to your pharmacy Dementia Friends account.

Q: How do you know WHO has watched the videos?
A: We only know the amount of people who have watched. We do NOT take names, only numbers, and you should keep a log of names for reference.

Q: How can you prove which pharmacies have watched videos?
A: We do not provide proof. The new Friends numbers attach to each pharmacies account when the unique code is entered (along with the number of people watching at the time). The code etc will have been sent to the person who registered the pharmacy. That person can see the numbers for your pharmacy on your organisation dashboard – just ask your Admin to print them off. You can also access a ‘self-certification’ form on the PSNC website here

Q: What happens after everyone has watched the videos in my pharmacy?
A: They are now classed as Dementia Friends and can claim their Dementia Friends badge and action card by emailing
We only send out the total amount of badges per pharmacy and not per person (ie 14 badges for 14 employees) to save postage. To make this happen we need from you:

  • the code that you were given upon registration
  • the total amount of people in your pharmacy
  • your name
  • the address the total amount of badges should be sent to

Q: What do you need from us after we have done this?
A: Dementia Friends would love to know what action each person in your pharmacy has decided to take to help make life a little easier for those affected by dementia in your community, this could be anything from wearing their badge to show that they care, or to be more patient than ever before – it’s their choice and it can be big or small – any action counts.
As such we would love it if each person could fill in the action card and send it back to us, just detach the bottom half after completing, moisten and pop in a postbox – postage is paid.

Q: How to claim your quality payments?
A: Please refer to the Pharmacy Reform document on for guidance.

Thanks so much for your support of Dementia Friends, and for helping us to create dementia friendly communities.